The V Energy story starts a long, long time ago in the Amazon rainforest. A fancy new thing called guaranine hit the scene, and the guarana vine started pumping its berries full of it.

Time passed and guarana started getting noticed. Animals that ate the berries found themselves with the energy to outrun predators. Natives of the rainforest started brewing drinks with the berries, giving them energy to catch the animals.

Cut to 1997. Boy bands ruled the charts, scientists were cloning sheep, and some guys in New Zealand came across guarana berries and brewed their own uplifting concoction. Thus V Energy was born.

Since then, the range has grown from the original V Green to include a variety of other flavours to suit all tastebuds.

Flavours like V iced coffee, for those who prefer their caffeine cold with an extra hit of guarana energy and NEW V Pure – made from 5 natural ingredients giving you that natural hit to improve you a bit!

Best of all, V Energy has expanded around the world, providing a massive hit that improves you a bit to all the citizens of Earth.